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Mozambican Voices: Lenna Bahule (Music & Video)

Living outside her country about 8 years ago, Lenna Bahule found in Brazil fertile ground for her experiments, which mixes the traditional references of Mozambique with the many influences that have shaped her way of making music.

Music: Oração, Lenna Bahule

There is a strong theatrical and performative influence in the work of the Mozambican musician. The gestures, the noises, the vibration of the percussive instruments, or even the impact of the body itself on the stage: everything is raw material for the music of Lenna Bahule.

The recently released album “Nômade” brings in the title what helps to define the current moment of the artist, who walks the world behind a song of her own.

For more Lena Bahule latest releases, visit her YouTube Official Page




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