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Tanzania: CCM calls for promotion of agriculture sector

CCM Secretary-General, Dr Bashiru Ally has underscored the need to promote agriculture for it to augment industrialisation.

Dr Bashiru said this as he addressed the CCM District Executive Council Meeting, to brainstorm a number of issues including the launch of the campaign for Kakonko constituency by-election.

The SG said agriculture was top in the party’s development agenda, and the industrial drive could not be realised without stable investment in agriculture and that he had raised the matter very clearly to the Minister for Industries, Trade and Investments, Mr Charles Mwijage.

“I have in person explained this to the Minister responsible for Industries that we need to also focus on agriculture and industrialisation as both are crucial for our economic development as a country,” he said.

Dr Ally took the opportunity to highlight several issues taking place in Kakonko District calling for CCM members to elect the party candidate Eng Christopher Chiza, so that he can address them and speed up development in the Constituency.

He said Kigoma residents and those of Kakonko in particular need to think carefully when it comes to electing their representatives, citing a number of projects that have stalled due to lack of serious representation to push them forward.

The SG pointed at the development pace of various programmes in Kakonko Constituency citing slow pace of electrification, road construction and health and wondered why there was no district hospital in place to date. He directed all the ministers who came all the way to Kakonko to record challenges raised in the campaign rallies as working agenda, instead of just participating in the campaigns.

“There are many ministers with you here and their main task is to work on issues raised by voters and not just concentrating in political propaganda and the new style will be sustained in all election campaigns countrywide,” he said.

On the projects, he was concerned on the poor state of the 50km Nyakanazi-Kabindo road project worth 45bn/- undertaken by the Mwanza-based Nyanza Roadworks Company which is part of 380km Nyakanazi- Kigoma road project, to be constructed to tarmac level upon completion.

Another area was electricity; with Dr Ally expressing his disappointment on the implementation of REA III saying the project was not satisfactorily implemented, saying some of the offices of top government officers were not connected with power mentioning the office of the District Executive Director (DED) as an example.

He expressed zero tolerance to, saying the CCM government will make sure corrupt elements in all government circles, in the party and even the opposition parties will be dealt with vigorously.

According to him, the new CCM has vowed to fight corruption from the State House to all lower levels and cautioned that all Regional and District Commissioners must sing the same tune; otherwise they will be wiped out of offices.

Dr Ally warned the Police Department saying some of them were still harassing innocent people, citing small-scale fishermen and food vendors conducting their businesses in various parts of Kigoma Rregion.

He asked residents of Kakonko District to take part in the by-election campaigns peacefully and called upon CCM members to shun demanding allowances and transport, for them to take part in the exercise, insisting the victory would come through sacrifices and not dirty money.

Source: allAfrica

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