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High turnout indicates Zimbabwe’s cry for change

It was estimated that turnout rate for the election was around 75%. A record high compared to previous elections which suggest people no longer fear to exercise their democratic right.

It has been an incredible moment in the country’s history, voters have likened the election  to that very moment Zimbabwe gained independence in 1980. Some might suggest Zimbabwe is finally breaking ties with its past but reality is that people are actually fed up. It is probably the first time the world has seen queues at polling stations filled with hopeful people crying for help.

This is certainly a new chapter for Zimbabwe, not only has it been a peaceful election, the number of under 35s who registered to vote rocketed compared to previous elections. No surprise considering this particular generation has faced hardship due to lack of employment opportunities. Resulting in some leaving the country for neighbouring South Africa to seek better opportunities.

The international observers confirmed that the election was peaceful however, the world is also interested to know whether it has it been fair. Polling stations particularly in urban areas still had queues around 7pm at the time of closing. It is unclear whether these people voted, the opposition is skeptical.

Nelson Chamisa twittered:

“There seems to be a deliberate attempt to suppress and frustrate”
urban voters through “unnecessary delays”.

Counting is already underway, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission will announce the results within the next few days. An important week for Zimbabwe but will the results determine the country future.


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