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Angola’s export of granite blocks drops

About 760 blocks of granite, corresponding to a volume of 387.80 cubic meters, were exported in the second quarter of 2018, according to Rupsil Lda Firm.

The statistics were released by the company’s manager, Yola Silva, who put the decrease at  56.32% over the previous period.

Yola Silva was speaking to the press Thursday on the sidelines of Outlook meeting, aimed at taking stock of the first quarter and making plan for the third quarter of 2018.

The manager quoted China as the main destination of the exported rocks.

She put the export of the first quarter at 174 blocks, in a volume of 931.26 cubic meters, a decrease of blocks and volume of 56.32% and 58.36%, respectively.

Rupsil & Filhos paid the State a total of AKZ 1.4 million of production tax (Royalty), in the second quarter.

There was a drop of 25.29% compared to the first quarter in which it paid AKz 1.9 million.

The domestic market has essentially absorbed ornamental stone products to benefit from second and third quality blocks.

During the second quarter of this year, about 4 blocks of ornamental stones were sold on the domestic market.

This corresponds to 20,850 m3, in the amount of AKZ 4,9 million.

Compared with sales in the first quarter, which was 3 blocks, in volume of 15,200 m3, in the amount of AKZ 3.3 million, there was an increase in volume and in the value of 37.17% and 48.03% , respectively.

Regarding the third quarter of this year, Rupsil & Filhos predicts to achieve a total production of 330 blocks.

This corresponds to a volume of 1,650 m3 and a total export of 300 blocks, with the volume of 1,500 m3, in the amount of USD 225,000 at the average price of USD 150/m3.

Source: Angop

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