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Ethiopian Airlines’ stopover packages to promote tourism

Passengers travelling through Addis Ababa on the Ethiopian network will take advantage of the packages to promote tourism


Ethiopia’s national carrier has unveiled mouthwatering stop over packages as the company looks to promote the tourism sector in the country.

The packages come with no additional fee on the airfares and the international travellers will be able to enjoy a variety of offers for their leisure needs.

In Africa, has become more competitive with tourism boards putting strategies in place to boost the sector. Tanzania has for instance been on the forefront to lead the continent in the sector, boasting of numerous achievements. Among them include the country’s move to has host iconic figures in the movie industry, prominent leaders in the political arena and great talents in the world of sports. The nation is rich in wildlife resources that have lured tourists from around the world putting the country in the global map.

Ethiopian Airlines has proved to be more competitive in the aviation sector and would use its influence to steer the tourism sector in the country. The government-owned airlines offer packages ranging from the visit to top destinations in Ethiopia, customized tours inclusive of romantic getaways and safari.

Ethiopian is planning to collaborate with other stakeholders in the tourism industry, to work together in promoting the foreign exchange earner. It is believed their goal is to make tourism the main forex earner in the country. While many African countries are counting on agriculture to steer their economies, Ethiopia is on a different lane. This would be an opportunity for the investors to come in.

The efforts geared to make Ethiopia a tourism destination of choice could offer employment opportunities to the youth and increase the productivity of the country. Its ripple effect would involve the Government to develop better infrastructure, upgrade the security level and purchase technology.

The stopover packages will stiffen competition in the aviation sector with the airlines targeting more passengers to boost the company’s revenues. The special offers should boost the tourism numbers, better hospitality industry and expose the tourists to the wealth of resources the nation has.

Source: The Exchange

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