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Angola: Euro costs 318.06 kwanzas

The national currency Kwanza suffered the third depreciation in August against the Euro last Friday after the auctions of days 13 and 20, made by the National Reserve Bank of Angola (BNA).

With the auction on the 24th August, the single European currency now stands at 318.06 Kwanzas, against the Akz 312.1 of the previous auction and the Kwanza thus accumulates losses of 44.63 percent from the entry into force on January 9 exchange rate regime.

In the Friday auction, the Central Bank placed on the primary market the amount of EUR 30 million to cover general operations, excluding payments not previously authorized by the BNA in favor of tradings, offshores, salaries above EUR 15,000 and replacement of position exchange rate.

The US dollar is now being exchanged at 274,193 kwanzas the purchase, when before the auction was traded at AKz 272.9.

In the informal market, the Euro is 430 kwanzas, while the dollar is being traded at 375 kwanzas.

Source: Angop

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