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Tanzania passes $1.7 million budget to boost tourism

The Government and major stakeholders foresee that conference tourism could be stepping stone to expand the sector


Government agency Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA) has given the green light for a proposed $1.7 million allocation to spice up the country’s fastest growing sector.

The industry has raked in millions of returns for the government with a positive economic impact on the country’s GDP.

Tourist arrivals in 2016 soared by 12.9% to reach 1.2 million. The marketing strategy has panned out well for the sector.

TANAPA is looking to add more impetus to make the industry competitive regionally and continentally.

Some of the funds will be used to support infrastructure development for ease of transportation for tourists in some barely accessible areas.

There is also an upgrade of security to ensure that lives for both people and wildlife are secure and that both do not trespass each other’s territories.

At least five game reserves have been promoted to national parks and the parastatal could use some of the finances to beef them up.

They include Biharamulo, Burigi, Kimisi, Ibanda and Rumanyika. It is vital to ensure their standards are at par to harvest as many tourists as possible and better the performance of the industry.

This should guarantee better returns for the Government and good news to the country’s GDP. They should also create employment opportunities for the communities around such as tour guides and game wardens.

As the government makes such amendments, investors have been called upon to seize business opportunities in the sector.

The promotion campaign to gain the attention of tourists and investors in France, Italy and Germany is expected to woo investors while other development projects could use the investors’ support and ease the financial burden on key stakeholders.

It is estimated that by 2028, Travel and Tourism could account for 795,000 jobs. The country has hosted a number of big names who have graced their presence to experience the wild of the country.

Source: The Exchange 

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