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Mozambique: A man, many faces and a dream for Pemba

You may remember Florete Simba as the pilot and businessman profile in the “Flying Mozambican” article a few months ago. He has just been nominated by the FRELIMO party as the running candidate to Pemba‘s local elections to be held on 10 October next. We had a quick chat with him to find out more about his plans for his native city.

Dinho Lima: In our previous conversations, although we have sought to learn about your experiences as a pilot, you never mentioned your political aspirations for your hometown. How did that happened?

Florete Simba: Actually, it was never strictly a plan, but a dream, a dream to make my contribution to the growth of my heart city.

Dinho Lima: Are you saying you never planned to run for mayor of Pemba?

Florete Simba: I’m saying that I’ve always wanted to give my hearted contribution, and I’ve been doing it in several ways. This time, my party has decided to give me the opportunity to contribute in another way, as mayor – which is more than an opportunity, and an honor to serve my people.

Dinho Lima:  I see, we already explored the pilot and the entrepreneur … Who is the Simba politician?

Florete Simba: I’m the same Simba, in love with Mozambique, moved by an unconditional patriotism in everything I do, from flying and running businesses to my political inspirations – deep down passionate about serving my countrymen, the people.

Dinho Lima:  Can you share with us a bit of your vision for Pemba?

Florete Simba: Our vision for Pemba begins with setting priorities in order to respond to the new challenges imposed by the city current state of affairs. When you have limited means, you have to be judicious in defining what is strategically a priority, what is urgent and what needs immediate attention, under the risk of dispersing efforts and not achieving your goals.

In fact, I am running my campaign under the motto “Pemba that We All Want” (Pemba que Todos Queremos). That translates much of my vision – A city with an efficiency sanitation management, an improved road network and a sustainable urbanisation plan. A plan that will enhance the life of city residents while fomenting and welcoming new businesses in an inclusive manner for everyone. The Pemba I dream – the Pemba we all want.

Dinho Lima:  Thank you very much and good luck on your campaign. We hope to hear more from you soon.

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