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Mozambique: Refinery to produce white sugar from October

The Xinavane sugar refinery in southern Mozambique will start producing white sugar from October, after having invested in a plant worth $39 million (€33.2 million).

According to a source from the sugar plant, cited by newspaper diário Notícias, the company, which belongs to South Africa’s Tongaat Hulett, will produce 20,000 tons of sugar this year, raising production to 90,000 tons in 2019.

Mozambique currently imports 90% of the white sugar consumed in the country.

The factory, located near Maputo, has the capacity to produce 250,000 tons of sugar, but produces below that level due to the lack of sugar cane.

Mozambique has an annual consumption of sugar of 9kg per person, one of the lowest rates in the southern African region.

Source: Club Of Mozambique

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