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Tanzania counting on domestic market to benefit coffee farmers

The Government of Tanzania continues to implement its coffee sector strategic plan to improve its performance.


The Government of Tanzania could be changing its focus in its bid to benefit the local coffee growers.

The country boasts of the cash crop being its leading export to the foreign markets due to its uniqueness that has raked millions for the government.

With an increase in coffee production worldwide, the farmers may miss out on the potential markets as the demand for the commodity slowly fades out. It would be a blow for the growers who look for such platforms as a bonus source of income to their financial status. Coffee production is an integral aspect of the economy of Tanzania and a market to sell its agricultural produce is as crucial.

Tanzania Coffee Board (TCB), however, is scouting for potential markets for the countries export produce. The government organ established by the Tanzania Coffee Industry Act No. 23 of 2001 is exploring emerging markets in Russia and the Asian continent with China and Korea being the targeted zones.

China and Korea are on planet earth’s largest and most populous continent which should offer a large market for the Tanzanian coffee farmers. TCB is adamant the new markets would offer competitive prices for trading which should fit in well with the farmers.

According to the Acting Director General of Tanzania Coffee Board, and the Director of Coffee Quality and Promotions Mr. Primus Kimaryo, he revealed to a local daily that, ” Coffee productions have been low in the past 12 years,” which has led to reduced productivity of the same. The government may incur fewer export receipts with the harvest primarily consumed domestically.

He added that the board is looking for ways to cut the dependency ties with the foreign markets and strengthen the domestic market. He attributed the move to the rising demand of the commodity within the country with close around 5 to 7 percent consumed locally.

According to world atlas website, only two East African countries qualify for the top ten coffee producing countries globally. Ethiopia and Uganda slotted at 5th and 8th on the log produce 384,000MT and 288,000MT of coffee respectively. Kenya produces 49,000MT, while Tanzania follows closely two steps behind with 48,000MT. Rwanda lies 30th in the log with 15,000MT, in the top fifty coffee producing countries list. The publication was released in March this year.

Moshi District Commissioner, Mr. Kippi Warioba urged stakeholders to address the challenges facing the sector and come up with solutions to alleviate the barriers to the growth of the domestic market. Their efforts would lure investors within and without the country to venture into the sector to boost the quality and general performance of the coffee production.

Source: The Exchange

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