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Angola: Energy power reaches 4409 MW

Angola’s energy sector is since 2017 saving an overall 669,000 liters diesel/day with entrance into operation of new power plant, which enabled the country to have currently an installed 4,409 megawatts.

The data was provided on Monday by Angola’s president, João Lourenço,while addressing at the National Assembly on the State of the Nation, adding that since 2017 at least  36,13.000 new household connections were made, especially in the provinces of Luanda, Huambo and  Benguela.

The new household connections, said the president, comes as a result of the investments made in the energy sector, mainly of those directed to production, transport and distribution.

According to the data unveiled by the Head of State, Angola’s overall energy production since2017 mostly being captured in moving waters corresponding to 78 percent of the country’s supply.

This was made possible through investments applied in the construction of Laúca and Cambambe dams located in the north Malanje province along river Kwanza.

However, the president underscored that there are still efforts to be done to revive projects for the construction of water network to reduce the supply deficit in Luanda and inner cities.

João Lourenço also spoke of the new laws approved by the government, which are expected to lure more investments in the oil sector and halt the natural decline verified in the oil output, focus on the Law on Exploitation and Production of Non Associated Gas Industry.

According to the president, a process has already begun for the implementation of a National Petroleum and Gas Agency to take over the position of national gas and petroleum concessionaire, thus replacing Sonangol, which is expected to be focused merely on the research and petroleum output.

Regarding the diamond sub-sector, said the president, a new marketing policy has been developed, which will allow greater market opening, increase revenue of the State and of the producing companies.

This new policy could also stimulate more investments in the diamonds prospecting and exploitation and boost local industry, which will add value to the stones and create qualified jobs in the country.

In order to achieve this, measures are being prepared to improve the attractiveness of the mining sector so that large multinationals operating in this field can invest in the prospection, exploitation and transformation of the various mineral resources in the country that go beyond oil, gas and diamonds, said Angola’s president.

Source: Angop

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