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Rwanda beats Brazil, Colombia as “Best of the Best” coffee producer

Rwanda has made strides in being competitive in the global market, producing quality cash crop.


It only came as a surprise to many who have not followed the growth of Rwandan coffee over the years.

Rwanda’s efforts to produce one of the best quality in the coffee sector has indeed paid off. Rwanda’s coffee has now scooped two awards in the 3rd annual Ernesto Illy International Coffee Awards that took place on October.

Ngororero Coffee Washing Station bagged a brace of prestigious accolades including “Best of the Best” and “Coffee Lover’s Choice” awards, marking a historical milestone. No coffee from any part of the world has ever picked up both awards, which was an achievement that will go down into the history books. Indeed the strategies to make the world’s best coffee bore fruits.

In its bid to be competitive in the international market, Rwanda has made a series of changes in the coffee sector, to ensure high-quality production of the cash crop. Last year, the National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB) implemented new approaches that ranked the country’s export among the best, globally.

Based on the beans’ aromatic richness, complexity, balance, elegance and aroma intensity, and strength, a jury of coffee experts in New York, USA considered Rwanda’s coffee as “Best of the Best.” The exposure was vital for the country to learn more about the global market and areas to improve to be at the top of the log.

Bagging the two awards this year, Rwanda edged top producers of coffee in the world including Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, and Nicaragua. The country eased past both South American and East Asian countries that as well are potential competitors in producing top-notch quality coffee.

llycaffè S.p.A. an Italian coffee roasting company that specializes in the production of espresso announced Rwanda’s coffee milestone in the gala. The company that was founded by Francesco Illy in 1933 is a global leader in high-quality coffee, passionate about perfection.

Rwanda made its official debut at exporting roasted coffee to the USA in 2017, a ten-tonne consignment with the first shipment valued at U$77,000. The business partnership opened up other investment opportunities for the Rwanda coffee to expand its market and increase its share of export revenue. It also boosts trade in the agriculture sector between the U.S and Rwanda, furthering the partnership between America and Africa.

Rwanda seeks to export at least 24, 500 tonnes of quality coffee in a year, 1,500 tonnes more than 2017 and 2,500 tonnes more than 2016. As part of NAEB’s strategies to produce quantity and quality coffee, they aim at planting 34,000 new coffee trees by the year 2024.

Global prices should increase the export receipts given that the country sells quality cash crop. Rwanda’s total coffee export revenue rose to $59.8 million in the first 11 months of 2017, up from $53.8 million earned over the same period in 2016, registering a growth in value of 11.1 percent or $6 million.

Source: The Exchange

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