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Angola: Ganda expects to harvest 33,000 tons of corn

Nearly 33,000 tonnes of corn will be produced in the current 2018/19 agricultural campaign in the municipality of Ganda, Benguela province, said Fernando Pik, head of the local Agrarian Development Station (EDA).

According to the official, who spoke to ANGOP about expectations in the new agricultural season in that district, it is also expected to produce 11,000 tons of sorghum in 23,650 hectares, 8,400 tons of beans in 14,000 hectares, 2,826 tons of peanuts in 4,710 hectares and 23,550 tons of cassava in 4,710 hectares.

To that end, Fernando Pik said that about 83,000 hectares of arable land were prepared by the peasants of the municipality to relaunch the agricultural campaign.

According to the official, of this number, some land extensions will benefit from the soil correction program, through the system of agricultural mechanization, inserted in the Rural Foment and Development Program, which has the involvement of 47,097 peasant families.

Fernando Pik also said that 2,554 peasant families, out of the more than 47,000 in the process, will have technical assistance from the Agrarian Development Station (EDA) in 48 intervention areas, especially the Jingula and Katamba areas in the commune of the Casseque, and the remaining ones in the commune of Chikuma.

Source: Angop

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