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Flowgroup presents talent platform for Mozambicans with International Exposure

Flowgroup, a Human Resources Agency announced this week the launch of the Platform Mozambican’s Abroad. This initiative steamed from a growing need for the talent acquisition of locals who have or have had international exposure.

The target market is Mozambican’s with professional experience or academics with an interest in returning home to reap the benefits of a growing corporate market.

“Mozambique is a growing market, filled with opportunities, all it needs is quality professionals”, stated Pedro Santos, Chief Executive Officer of Flowgroup in Mozambique. The continuous expansion of the local market, in industries such as oil and gas, mining, consumer goods, banking, non-profit, just to name a few has prompt an immediate demand for a qualified labor force.

Over the years Flowgroup, in Mozambique, has been a driving force in the implementation of organizational development programs, to some of the most prestigious companies in Mozambique. This provided them with a unique lens into the struggles faced by their clients in the attainment of quality local talent. Through Flowgroup’s specialized talent acquisition services, they have managed to meet some of market demands, however the Mozambican market needs more.

Flowgroup in Mozambique, operates in various areas of the Human Resources fields. Flowgroup provides talent development projects, conducts behavioral and performance assessments, implements leadership and organizational cultural programs. They company was established in Mozambique in the year 2012, however maintains branches in Portugal, Brazil, Ireland, Hungary and Kazakhstan. It’s impact pertaining  to Human Capital Management within Mozambique over the current years  is what has allowed it to pioneer a project such as Mozambican’s Abroad, an initiative for Mozambique and Mozambicans.

Please click this link to the Survey, for the participants to register.

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