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Mozambique’s Niassa cotton harvest yields 266 million meticais

The cotton harvest in Niassa province has so far earned producers about 276 million meticais. The figure derives from selling 12,000 tons of the 17,000 tons of cottonseed planned, and involves about 35,000 producers.


The quantity of cottonseed marketed is less than the 21,000 tons forecast for the current harvest, but more than the 7,000 tons marketed in the previous campaign.

Representing the Cotton Institute in Niassa, Osman Carimo said that the incidence of pests in the months of February and March had contributed to shortfall against production targets.

Even so, producers still have cotton to sell, he said.

Cotton in Niassa is grown mainly in the south, in Mecanhelas, Cuamba, Metarica, Maua, Mandimba, Nipepe and Marrupa districts.

Source: Rádio Moçambique via Club Of Mozambique

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