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Poland pledges assistance to Tanzania’s agriculture

Poland has vowed to offer financial help and expertise to Tanzania to improve the performance of agriculture.


Poland has assured the East African country of Tanzania of its total support in the nation’s economic mainstay to boost productivity and improve the agricultural sector’s performance.

The eastern European country will not only financially invest in the agricultural industry but offer expertise in the field. Poland will as well give help in the water sectors.

Deputy Director at the Department of Economic Cooperation in the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Konrad Pawlik, has revealed that his country’s foreign investment in Tanzania had reached $110 million in support of the cthrough loans. Poland will add $10 million to this investment.

According to Pawlik, Polish companies helped in the implementation of the loan by building a tractor assembling facility and constructing a grain storage in Tanzania for food security.

Poland and Tanzania partnered to launch a $56,813 water management project in Tanzania’s capital Dodoma which was financed by Poland in September 2018.

Next month, Tanzanian experts will visit their trading partner to borrow a leaf on water management from Poland.

The study visit is to equip the Tanzanians with the necessary tools to implement back home and bear the fruits needed.

Water demand in Poland in 2050 will be 70 per cent higher compared with 1990 due to non-climatic factors which have sparked fresh business opportunities for firms.

In the EU Regional and Urban Development Report released this year, almost $489 million from the Cohesion Policy funds was invested in five infrastructure projects in Poland, with $166 million allocated to water collection and distribution system in Warsaw and its suburbs.

The development will as well facilitate the agricultural practice in the country.

The cooperation between Poland and Tanzania is to build a strong relationship with mutual benefits. The parties will strengthen their bilateral relations on other fields including tourism, education and health.

“Tanzania is one of the five priority beneficiaries of the Polish development aid in Africa,” Polish Deputy Director of the Department of Africa and the Middle East, Michal Cygan commented.

Source: The Exchange

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