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Mozambique’s national television to broadcast news in local languages

Mozambique’s National Television (TVM) announced on Monday to broadcast national news in 15 local languages throughout the country henceforth.

According to the administrator for TVM’s Content Area, Claudio Jone, in the first phase the channel will broadcast news from Monday to Friday, with daily information being transmitted in three languages, reaching 15 languages in total by the end of the week.

“The broadcasting of Mozambican languages on TVM aims to respond to a demand from viewers, who at the moment do not have access to information in their own mother languages,” he said.

The administrator said that the introduction of content in local languages will also extend the space for democratic participation of Mozambicans.

“We already broadcast the news in local languages, but with a limited coverage, this time we will expand the coverage and there is possibility of opening more channels and extending broadcasting hours,” he said.

Although in a Portuguese-speaking country, the administrator said that the broadcast project in local languages is being consolidated with migration from the public channel to the digital age.

Source: Xinhuanet

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