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Ethiopian Airlines’ Moscow flights to begin on December

Ethiopian Airlines could operate Russia and UK flights concurrently beginning December


Ethiopia’s national carrier announced its plans to begin flights to Moscow, Russia from December 1.

Ethiopian Airlines is also expected to launch its eagerly awaited Manchester, United Kingdom flights around the same date. The fully owned-government enterprise seeks to bridge the business gap between Russia and Ethiopia while connecting the world’s largest nation to the continent of Africa.

Commenting on the move on the company’s website, the Ethiopian Group CEO Mr. Tewolde GebreMariam said, “It gives me a great pleasure to announce that we have finalized preparations to launch services to Moscow, Russia, the world’s largest country in total area, spanning Eastern Europe and northern Asia. As one of the world’s leading producers of oil and natural gas, Russia offers ample trade and investment potentials for investors.

The country’s advanced manufacturing base and light industry also hold further import-export trade potentials with Africa which is endowed with diverse natural resources and raw materials. The air connectivity Ethiopian provides to link Africa and Russia will go a long way towards facilitating and bolstering multifaceted relations between the two regions.

“Our direct flights will also promote Ethiopian and other African Tourist attractions to the Russian tourists. Russia will be the final BRICS country in our ever-growing global network.”

Ethiopian Airlines will service the route with the ultra-modern 787 Dreamliner operating three times a week. Moscow, the capital and most populous city of Russia offer a business investment opportunity for the leading and most profitable airline in Africa. The air carrier continues to expand its dominance with more cross-continental flights.

Ethiopian Airlines cover 125 passenger destinations with 44 cargo destinations across and beyond the African continent. The company has a fleet size of 108 which enables it to operate in diverse regions. Kenya Airways, Ethiopian rival, made an achievement with its direct flight to New York, extending its wing of reach beyond Africa.

Source: The Exchange

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