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Portugal and Mozambique end LAM and TAP monopoly on direct flights

Portugal and Mozambique have ended the monopolies enjoyed by Mozambique Airlines (LAM) and TAP on direct flights between the two countries, the chairman of the Civil Aviation Institute of Mozambique (IACM) told Lusa.


The two countries have revised a 2010 agreement, opening the way for more airlines to provide connections.

“This revision consisted essentially of changing the point on ‘mono designation’ to ‘multiple designation’, so that each state may now designate more than one airline for air links between the two countries,” João de Abreu explained.

The revision of the Air Transport Agreement resulted from work carried out in Lisbon in May by technical groups from the two states’ regulatory authorities. It was signed in June during the visit of Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa to Mozambique, but only publicised now.

“We noticed that there was great change in the air sector on both sides, and it became necessary to update the agreement,” de Abreu added.

Currently, only TAP conducts direct flights between Portugal and Mozambique, linking the respective capitals.

The revision of the agreement also scrapped the obligation for flights between the two countries to pass through airports in the capital cities Lisbon and Maputo.

“The revision ensures, for example, that a Portuguese operator who wants to fly to Mozambique is not limited to Maputo, but can fly directly to any part of the country that has an international airport,” said João de Abreu. “The same will be the case in Portugal.”

Aviation sector agreements between Portugal and Mozambique also provide for the training of technical staff and cooperation in investigating flying accidents.

Source: Lusa via Club Of Mozambique

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