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Mozambique: Cement packaging must include expiry date – INAE

Cement producers, both Mozambican and foreign, must now put an expiry date on the packaging for their cement, so that citizens have all the information they need when purchasing cement.


The spokesperson for the National Inspectorate of Economic Activities (INAE), Virginia Muianga, announced this decision on Monday. It is the culmination of work undertaken by INAE over several months on the production, labelling, sale and transport of cement.

“From the work done on the ground, we found that essential elements were not clear – such as the expiry date, and the quality of the cement”, said Muianga. “We are obliging the factories to put these details on the labels”.

Any cement sold must be at least three weeks from its expiry date, she told a Maputo press conference “Anybody who goes to the market looking for cement, must be able to observe the date of production, the type of cement, the quality and the price”, she said.

Muianga added that discussions are under way with the municipal authorities to provide spaces where businesses selling cement can store it in warehouses, This is to avoid large amounts of cement from being sold in the streets, open to the elements.

Muianga said INAE wants to end all sale of cement in the streets, and so cement retailers must build warehouses.

Muianga said checks were run on the conditions for the production, sale and transport of cement in all 12 cement factories that currently exist in Mozambique. This work was led by the National Norms and Quality Institute (INNOQ), to ensure that all the essential information is included on cement labels.

Source: AIM via Club Of Mozambique

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