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Angola Customs Tariff to be adjusted to protect domestic production

The new Customs Tariff in force since August will be under some adjustments, after evaluating internal production capacities said the Finance Minister Archer Mangueira.

The readjustment in the Customs Tariff, he added, will be done whenever and when it is observed that the domestic production already satisfies or at least contributes (the production), significantly for the reduction of the imports.

He recalled that the General State Budget Draft Law 2018 included certain rules in order to allow the Head of State to make specific adjustments to the Customs Tariff 2017.

As for the financing facilities, one of the concerns raised by some businesspeople and producers, said the Government  has  been ” creating ” financing  aids  for later being passed on to the productive sector.

He said that negotiations with international financial institutions interested in financing the productive sector are under way.

Source: Angop

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