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Huíla: Italy to support Angola’s agricultural production

Italy is willing to aid Angola to create protected agricultural production to enable the country’s traditional cultivation to be effective and in the top of the national production process.

This was said to Angop on Sunday by the Italian ambassador to Angola, Claudio Miscia, during a two-day visit to southern Huila province.

According to the diplomat, the procedure is a peculiarity of the countries such as France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, although there are some African governments, which also bet on this sort of cultivation namely Morocco and Mozambique.

However, the Italian diplomat stressed that Huila province has products that require this kind of attention such as strawberries of Humpata, homemade sausage, which could be profitable for the locals.

“Angola has a problem that we also had after the war was over, the identification of native food, so everybody tended to find other food that met the real need of the people by that time, but as peace arrived there is the need to review the healthy foods of the past”, said the diplomat.

Source: Angop

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