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Angola with two tariffs for SADC trade zone

Angola will join the free trade zone of the SADC region in 2019, where it plans to establish two customs tariffs, one for South Africa and another for the other members of the economic bloc, said trade minister Joffre Van-Dúnen Júnior.

The Cabinet minister, who was speaking to journalists during the end-of-year greetings ceremony, reported that at the external level the respective notifications were made to the World Trade Organization (WTO) on the ongoing activities in preparation for Angola for accession to the SADC free trade zone, with the necessary documentation for the country to comply with its international commitments.

The Government official also said that the country will have two tariffs, one for South Africa and another for the other countries in the region, because South Africans are in a more advanced stage of development, which will require more care in the application of fees and indications of the more sensitive products that need longer term to dismantle fees as well as foreclosure products.

This year, Angola presented the roadmap for joining the free trade zone and in August 2019 a meeting of trade ministers will be held, for ratifying Angola’s accession, and from that point on discussions begin on the dismantling of the SADC countries’ fees.

On the other hand, he spoke about the implementation of the Macroeconomic Stabilization Program, the Program for Export Diversification and Substitution of Imports (PRODESI) and the National Development Plan 2018-2022, as well as the development plan for the commerce sector.

The trade development plan will be materialized through the rural development programs, the State food reserve, among others.

This year, the sector’s actions focused on the decentralization of the issuance of charter in all provinces, the revision of the law on commercial activities, the rescue operation in the area of ??formalization and improvement of inspection and the group that will make a diagnosis of the registration and valuation of assets in the commercial sector.

Source: Angop

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