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Natural gas exploration underway as heavy fleet moves to Mozambique

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Global engineered heavy lifting and transport company Mammoet has mobilised a fleet of specialised equipment into resource-rich Mozambique.

Global engineered heavy lifting and transport company Mammoet said on Wednesday it had mobilised a fleet of specialised equipment and supporting crew of experienced professionals into resource-rich Mozambique.

Foreign companies are keen to explore opportunities in Mozambique, where an estimated 20 billion barrels of natural gas has been found off its coast, raising hope of an economic boom for one of the world’s poorest countries.

Mammoet said its equipment and crew would be located in Mocímboa da Praia town in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province.

“The outlook of Mozambique’s economy is positive,” said Davide Andreani, general manager of Mammoet South and East Africa.

“Mammoet has worked in Mozambique for quite a while now, albeit on a project basis. Particularly, as capital investments have been growing significantly in the past few years.

“It demonstrates our commitment to be part of, and to contribute to the Mozambique community, working with local people, utilizing the local workforce, training and offering professional development opportunities to help grow our business and the local economy.”

Mammoet has been present in Africa for over 50 years, offering solutions and expertise in engineered heavy lifting and transport in the power, petrochemical, mining, civil and infrastructure sectors.

Source: The Citizen


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