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Angola prepares conditions for joining Free Trade Zone

Angola is creating technological, administrative and training conditions for public and private sector customs experts to join the SADC Free Trade Zone (FT Z), scheduled for the current year, said the Director of Customs Administration Services of the General Tax Administration (AGT), Garcia Afonso.

The official, who was speaking to journalists at the opening of the national workshop on “Rules of Origin, said that this preparation was important, since Angola’s accession to the FTZ implies an exchange of information, work and coordination with other member states.

He said that the Government is committed to the diversification of the economy, industrialization and regional integration, to contribute to raising the technical capacities of the participants and placing Angola on an equal footing with the other SADC member states.

As for the standardization of tariffs with those of the other member states, a process beginning next June, said to be important, given that each country has its own customs tariff, as well as control of the common external border.

The World Customs Organization (WCO) consultant, Mette Werdelin Azzam, said that the “Rules of Origin” training is linked to the free trade agreement between several countries and aims to strengthen Angolan customs institutions as well as strengthen its economy, through the collection of more revenues.

Angola is a member of the World Customs Organization, an institution that currently has 182 member countries, accounting for more than 98 percent of all international trade.

Of the SADC countries, only 12 are part of the Free Trade Z (FTZ), with the exception of Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Seychelles.

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