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Angola to export ethanol to Europe

At least 1,500 m3 of hydrated ethanol, produced in the province of Malanje, will be exported to Europe from April this year, as a result of an agreement between the Bioenergy Company of Angola (BIOCOM) and a European ethanol producer and biofuel.

In this first phase, the commercialization will allow a turnover of nearly USS 3.5 million, according to a statement from Biocom, which ANGOP had access to on Friday. In this way, the country begins to export ethanol for the first time and it is an initiative that aims to meet the policies of PRODESI (Support Program for Production, Diversification of Exports and Import Substitution).

The company has 2,500 employees, of whom 97 per cent are national citizens, three per cent are expatriates, who are committed to transmit knowledge aimed at improving the technical training of Angolans.

Currently, the company has a planted area of 24,090 hectares of sugar cane and in the agricultural year of 2018, were produced 73,000  thousand tons of sugar cane and 17,000 m³ of ethanol.

Source: Angop

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