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Angola’s INE launches agro-livestock census

The National Statistics Institute (INE) Monday in the Calundjindji neighborhood, near the city of Luena, launched the Census of Agro-Livestock and Fisheries (RAPP) to test the conditions of the organizational structure aimed at RAPP 2018-2019.

Moxico province was picked up  for the pilot phase of the statistical operation of collecting, processing and disseminating data on the structure of agriculture, livestock and fisheries in the country taking into account agro-ecological regions and specificities of agricultural practices, the density of the animal herd.

The coordinator of the RAPP Provincial Commission, António Augusto da Silva, said that the event will assess the existing national production, so that data can be accurately provided to allow the first Census of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.

The provincial director of the local Office of Agriculture and Rural Development, pointed out that the pilot census takes place in two municipalities, namely Luchazes and Moxico (headquarters), covering two communes, 12 villages and ten families in each locality.

The initiative involving peasant families, agricultural enterprises, and other entities involved in agro-livestock and fisheries production will test problems associated with the long distances and hard-to-reach roads that are frequent in the eastern region of the country. Created through decree 194/18 of April 20, the RAPP will be a statistical operation for the collection, processing and dissemination of data from the Agrarian, Livestock and Fisheries sectors, he stressed.

RAPP 2018- 2019 will be coordinated by INE, assisted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MINAGRIF) and Ministry of Fisheries and the Sea (MINPESMAR), with technical support from the United Nations Fund for Agriculture (FAO).

Source: Angop

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