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Mozambican government revoked 145 mining titles in the first quarter of 2019

Mozambique’s National Mining Institute (INAMI) announced in Maputo today that it had rescinded 145 mining licenses in the first quarter of this year due to non-compliance with sector legislation.

“We revoked 145 titles in the first quarter of this year alone” Adriano Sênvano, INAMI’s national director, told a press conference.

Sénvano said that 323 mining titles in Mozambique were in an irregular situation, risking revocation if their owners did not correct irregularities. If that were the case, licensees would lose their license within 90 days, he warned.

INAMIi revokes a mining title if the holder does not submit reports regularly or fails to produce the ore covered by the license.

“Failure to submit an account statement is a sufficient condition for revoking a title,” he said.

The total number of mining titles issued in Mozambique currently stands at 1,822, with
holders obliged to pay prospecting and production tax on the concession area.

Source: Lusa via Club of Mozambique

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