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Atlantic Cables reduces Angola data traffic costs

The South Atlantic Cable System (SACS), which entered into operation at the end of 2018, is already contributing to the reduction of costs with data traffic between America (Brazil) and Angola and South Africa, said the Angola Cables executive director, Ângelo Gama.

According to the Angola Cables representative, the system SACS, which has already some clients, has been of added value, since it is drawing Angola to Brazil in considerably improved speed data transference (five times faster than the current cables route), reducing the latency time from 350 to 63 milliseconds.

The South Atlantic Cables System, which is a USD 100 million investment, is the first fastest connection linking America and Africa.

The telecommunication company Angola Cables expects that with entrance into operation of the SACS the transatlantic connectivity could have deep impact in the global digital activity at the same time that it increases trade in telecommunication sector and stimulates emerging companies in Africa and Latin America.

Angola Cables holds and manages 100 percent of the SACS, whose design is the WDM technology coherent to a high resolution 100 Gbps, with four pairs of fibre. It offers 40 terabytes of overall capacity per second from Angola to Brazil.

Source: Angop

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