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Angola recovers more than €22.3M in tax debts

The Angolan government recovered more than 9 billion kwanzas (€22.3 million) in the first five months of the year as part of an operation to collect unpaid tax and customs duties, the local press said on Tuesday.

The ‘Jornal de Angola’ quoted sources from the tax study centre, who said the recovered amounts were paid voluntarily under a process begun in late December and that ends on 30 June. The taxpayers who signed up to the process have until the end of the year to settle their debts without any interest or fines.

The state expects to be able to collect at least 60 billion kwanzas €165.8 million) with this process by the year’s end.

The tax study centre estimates that taxpayers owe about 323 billion kwanzas (around €840 million), not including state-owned enterprises, customs debts and debts associated with specific regimes for the oil and diamond sectors.

Anyone who does not sign up until the end of this month will have to pay their tax debts from between 2013 and 2017 along with all charges and interest.

Source: MNA

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