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Angola and US resume trade agreement

The government of the United States is reviewing the framework agreement process on trade and investment with Angola as part of the new policies of President Donald Trump’s Administration, ANGOP has learnt from an official source in Maputo, Mozambique.

In this ambit, representatives of the US Trade for Africa and of the Trade Department of this country’s embassy in Angola and also Mozambique met on Tuesday, in Maputo, with part of the Angolan delegation attending the 12th US-Africa Entrepreneurial Summit.

On the occasion, the Assistant US Trade Representative for Africa, Constance Hamilton, announced some projects of priority such as energy, trade, agricultural goods, among others, as part of the new package to be elaborated in the ambit of the agreement existing since 2009.

Angola was represented at the meeting by its Secretary of State for Industry, Ivan do Prado. The two parties agreed to review the action plan of this agreement established in January this year, whose response is still being awaited by the Angolan government.

According to the director of the Trade Exchange Department, Rui Livramento, the plan integrates primary actions in terms of technical assistance, identification of projects for US investment in Angola and possibility of Angolan investment in the United States.

The meeting also discussed the issue concerning the support to the National Production, Export Diversification and Imports Substitution Programme (PRODESI), which focuses on the challenge of selecting 54 products of the staple diet entirely produced in Angola.

There are indications that the initiative was not well understood by US traders, who thought the initiative aims at prohibiting import of goods into Angola, which could eventually create barriers in both countries’ trade relations.

In the meantime, the Angolan Secretary of State for Industry explained that the programme, which has already entered into force in Angola for two months, does not forbid import of goods, but controls the import flow, taking into account the weight it has on currency and the balance of payments, besides the need for domestic output.

“We do not prohibit import of any product. We will consume what we produce and the difference in need will be imported”, said the Angolan official.

However, the Angolan official seized the opportunity to request the US government to encourage businesspeople of this country to invest in key sectors of Angola to promote its domestic output.

Source: Angop

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