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"Conveying Africa” Award - Your chance to show Africa at its best - FurtherAfrica
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“Conveying Africa” Award – Your chance to show Africa at its best

It is no secret that mainstream documentaries often portray an image of an Africa burdened by misconceptions. Despite being home to some of the most challenging social-economic environments in the world, the continent also have the highest rates of economic and demographic expansion, not to mention its unparalleled beauty, unique culture and its exciting development prospects.

In my book, any initiative that gives people the opportunity to show the “real” Africa to the world is worth of praise and FurtherAfrica is proud to be a partner of the 8th Harambee International Award: “Conveying Africa” – A chance to contribute to a more authentic narrative of the continent.

The competition is open to both filmmakers and to students as it is divided into two categories – professional video documentaries and video clips made by students under 25 years of age. The idea is to promote greater awareness and sensitivity toward Africa; submissions that approach any of the following topics will be especially valued:

  • The value of education and formation as indispensable means to achieve the promotion of the whole person and the peaceful development of African society
  • The respect for the dignity of the human person independently of his/her social or professional condition
  • The value of solidarity and mutual help
  • The role of the family
  • Positive experiences of integration in European society

Submissions can be done online until September 30th 2019 at their website. The prize for the winner of the “documentaries” category is €5000; for young people, the overall prize is €1500.  The winners will be awarded in Lisbon in November 2019. The works will be selected by a jury of experts of different nationalities (Italy, France, Portugal, Kenya, Niger).

You can download the rules on this link

See you in Lisbon!

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