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10 Brazilian companies in Mozambique to do business with private sector - FurtherAfrica
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10 Brazilian companies in Mozambique to do business with private sector

A Brazilian business mission is in Maputo to partner with the Mozambican private sector, with the oil and gas industry the main focus of cooperation.

In all, 10 companies from Brazil with extensive experience in the hydrocarbons business look set to transfer their knowledge to Mozambique.

An oil and gas specialist from the Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments says that the business mission had come, in the first place, to learn about the national market.

“We believe that with the Brazilian experience, mainly from offshore, we could work together. Many Brazilian companies are today training to work in Mozambique and help with the challenge of natural gas exploitation,” said Sérgio Ferreira of APEX-Brasil

Ferreira had some recommendations for improving the business environment.

“We must carry out thorough discussion with all stakeholders in the sector so that decisions are not only made quickly, but also in a very well-studied way, so that the environment in Mozambique becomes friendly to international investors,” he said.

The Mozambican private sector said it was prepared to embrace this partnership.

“CTA companies are ready to participate in oil and gas projects, and indeed seek international partnerships. At the moment, Brazil is one of the countries most interested in forming partnerships in Mozambique,” the CTA’s Abreu Muhimua said.

The first meetings between Brazilian and Mozambican companies were due to be held this Friday in Maputo, during a business meeting between the two countries promoted by the CTA.

By Edson Arante, Source: O País via Club of Mozambique

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