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Angola crude oil sales worth US$8.5B in second quarter

The crude sales of Angolan oil in the second quarter of this year totalled US $8.5 billion, as a result of export of 121.8 million barrels by Sonangol and international companies operating in the country.

Compared to the first quarter of 2019, there was an increase in quantities exported by around 65.4 thousand barrels and compared to the second quarter of 2018 there was a decrease in quantities of approximately 7.2 million barrels.

During the review period, China and India with 69% and 10%, respectively, were the countries that bought the most oil from Angola.

This data was provided Tuesday at a meeting hosted by the National Directorate of Markets and Trade Promotion of the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Oil (Mirempet).

Source: Angop

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