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Angola: UK Embassy offers Masters degree scholarship

The United Kingdom embassy to Angola announced last Monday (05), in Luanda, the opening of applications for Masters scholarships, as part of the Chevening program which aims to boost students with leadership potential.

Chevening Scholarships are a UK Government global scholarship program funded by the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs (FCO) and partner organizations.

According to a British Embassy press release sent Tuesday to Angop, applications will close on November 5 this year. Applicants can apply through

The document explains that for 2019/2020 10 scholarships were offered to scholarship holders from Angola and Sao Tome and Principe. Students from Sao Tome and Principe will also be contemplated by the fact that the British Embassy in Angola represents that country.

With a view to elucidating Angolan students, the embassy will hold lectures at universities and institutes in the provinces of Uige and Zaire later this month.

According to British Ambassador, Jessica Hand, the goal is to look for ambitious, forward-thinking leaders, noting that Chevening not only opens new doors, it opens the mind.

Source: Angop

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