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Dubai’s GBF Africa announces startups mentorship (VIDEO)

In anticipation of this year’s Global Business Forum (GBF) Africa, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry has just announced the new GBF Mentorship Programme, an initiative designed for startups, bolstering their potential to scale across markets.

Formulated during the inaugural Chamberthon that took place in Kigali, Rwanda earlier this year; the programme is designed by startups, for startups, bolstering their potential to scale across markets.

The program brings together entrepreneurs from different backgrounds and cultures creating a rich environment to exchange ideas and experiences that aims to support business to grow internationally in line with the agenda of diversification of the UAE economy. The program supports startups with a very innovative approach in terms of mentorship, by given them mentors in the countries that they expressed interest in, eliminating access-to-markets challenges.

Dubai is known for its advantageous geographic location, standing at the cross road between the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa, which combined with its wage rates, politics and exchange rates, makes for an ideal platform for African startups with global ambitions.

Besides access-to-markets, other items high in the priority of the program are connecting startups with potential buyers in the UAE as well as regulations.

Other benefits for startups includes the further development of leadership skills and access to Dubai Startup Hub services & support.

According to Layla Derraz, “the 2019 meeting was just the beginning” and we should expect to see various features addressing the needs of startups both in Africa and the UAE as the program develops.

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry currently have 4 offices in Africa: Mozambique, Ghana, Ethiopia and Kenya.

For more information visit the GBF mentorship programme page.

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