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Africa: A technological evolution awaits

“A technology canvas of opportunities awaits”

Technology and the experiences it facilitates is about empowering and demolishing barriers, to create more inclusive and diverse social and economic ecosystems.

Creating solutions that connect and drive value, be that economic, political, or social.

Africa presents this technological canvas, where we can respond to challenges in real-time, rather than spend too much time and effort streamlining and simplifying legacy dependencies that become costly and lethargic to re-engineer into nimble and flexible propositions.

Africa has a new purpose, that purpose is to become the true hub of nimble and flexible technological advancements which directly respond to the problems our world faces today and tomorrow.

It’s emerging status needs to be nurtured in a way that facilitates growth, eliminates poverty and generates geo-political stability, by adopting as a purpose to be more inclusive and diverse, more connected, balanced and stable.

Applying the lessons learned from the past so that the burden of fast growth emerging development does not negatively impact its ecosystems.

We as mentors and entrepreneurs need to subscribe to that purpose. We need to consider and apply humanity to innovation and transformation.

Eric Osiakwan, in an article by Gabriella Mulligan, lays it out in clear terms.

“Entrepreneurs can lead the coming “decade of creativity” in Africa, if the continent learns to own its unique characteristics, and investors step up to support the ecosystem” – Eric Osiakwan

Ed Clinkett is the founder and CEO of ESRC, a leading digital innovation consultancy in the UK

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