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Cabo Verde’s Blue Economy Plan presented to the government by November - FurtherAfrica
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Cabo Verde’s Blue Economy Plan presented to the government by November

The Blue Economy Plan will be presented to the Government by November, Cabo Verde’s Deputy Secretary of State for the Maritime Economy said on Tuesday last week in Praia.

Paulo Veiga made statements at the end of the Blue Economy Steering Committee meeting, whose members reviewed the state of work already carried out under Cabo Verde’s transition to the Blue Economy.

The Deputy Secretary of State said that, after approval of the plan, construction of a port, for example, would entail a study of the impact this will have on the environment and how to minimise it, according to Inforpress.

According to Veiga, the Blue Economy implies that tourism investments take into consideration not only ocean conservation but also that of the Cape Verdean environment and coastal zones.

The Steering Committee is composed of the Ministries of Maritime Economy, Finance, Tourism and Transport, Foreign Affairs, the National Directorates of Industry and Energy and the Environment, the National Institutes for Fisheries Development, Statistics and Spatial Planning and the University of Cabo Verde.

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