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Angola minister calls for investment in mining sector

Angolan minister of Mineral Resources and Oil Diamantino de Azevedo has called for the investment in the mining sector, where 40 percent of its surface is covered by ornamental rocks.

The minister made the appeal Friday to the operators attending Verona International Fair, northern Italy.

Speaking at the meeting of EUROROC (European Association of Ornamental Stones Companies), the official stated that ornamental stones have potential whose opportunities allow good business relationships.

The call follows the ongoing geological studies, based on international standards, which reveal the existence of assortment of rocks, such as granites, gneisses, marble, sandstones and limestone.

He said that the Executive wants to see the potential turned into wealth.

The minister announced the first International Conference and Exhibition of Ornamental Stones in Lubango city, southern Huila province from 24 to 26 October, as well as the International Mines Fair to be held in Luanda from 20 to 21 November.

Source: Angop

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