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China invests US$3m in Malawi agritech enhancement drive

China has released US$3 million (approximately K2.2 billion) to facilitate expansion and enhancement of the use of modern farming and agriculture technologies in order to improve production and productivity among smallholder farmers in Malawi.

The funding has been provided through the ‘technical cooperation for agricultural cooperation between China and Malawi’ project.

And speaking when he signed letters of exchange in Lilongwe on Monday, the Chinese Ambassador to Malawi, Hongyang Liu, said under the new agreement, China will dispatch eight experts to Malawi to conduct research, demonstration, promotion and training on agricultural technologies used in the growing of vegetables, fruit trees, maize and rice.

Hongyang emphasised that improving agricultural technologies is one of the dispensable part of the eight major initiatives in collaboration with Africa for industrial promotion, trade facilitation and green development, among others.

“The project will disseminate and share more useful technologies with Malawian people and conduct the bilateral cooperation to help Malawi to reinvigorate the rural areas. From 2019 to 2021, China will send 500 senior agricultural experts to Africa,” said Hongyang.

The ambassador further disclosed that his government will train Malawian youth in agro-science through various channels, undertake technology localisation demonstration programmes, and spread the experiences in agro-production technology and economic development so as to increase the income of local farmers.

“I believe the agricultural cooperation between China and Malawi, represented by China-Malawi Agricultural Technology Farm, will make much greater achievement in the future and benefit more Malawian people,” he added.

In his remarks, the Minister of Finance, Joseph Mwanamveka, said although Malawi relies on agriculture on its economy, the sector has been facing serious challenges due to factors such as climate change.

Mwanamveka therefore commended the Chinese Government for the assistance, saying it will go a long way in addressing effects of climate change, which have taken a bigger toll on agricultural production and productivity.

“This support cannot be taken for granted and I would like to assure you that the Government of Malawi will provide all the necessary support for the smooth implementation of the projects supported by your government.

“It is our hope that the partnership between the Government of Malawi and the China will continue growing stronger as we work together in developing Malawi,” he said.

Source: Nyasa Times

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