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Angola’s Agogo1 starts producing oil next December

The Agogo1 well, discovered last March in Bloc 15/06 in the Angolan offshore, starts commercial oil production from next December, announced on Tuesday, the chairperson of ENI’s Board of Directors Claudio Descalzi.

Claudio Descalzi was speaking to the press at the end of a meeting with the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, with whom he addressed issues related to the multinational’s investments in the oil and gas sector, as well as the state of ENI’s business in Angola.

Agogo1 is part of a group of eight successful drilling by ENI in recent years in the bloc, with reserves estimated at two billion barrels.

The Italian-based oil company manager said other specific oil and gas projects in Cabinda Norte in Bloc 1/14 are already under operation.

Under the Cabinda Norte project, sustainable development projects for the local community were analyzed. It covers agriculture, drinking water, forest conservation, education, training and access to energy from renewable sources.

“It is a project that we are already doing in the south of Angola and that we intend to take to the north, specifically to Luanda and Cabinda,” he said.

Expected by 2020, the projects are valued at ten million dollars.

In Bloc 15/06, ENI operates two oil development projects, the West Pole and the East Pole, which have a current production of about 155,000 barrels of oil per day.

ENI is also an operator of the Cabinda Norte Bloc, located on Angola’s onshore.

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