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Angola: Kwanza Sul Cement Plant double production

In Luanda, the Kwanza Sul Cement Plant (FCKS) has the prospect of increasing next year its current production from 30% to 70% of its installed capacity, according to the director of human resources and administration, Joaquim Manuel.

The cement factory (founded in 2003) has created, since its inception, 1000 direct and indirect jobs in the province of Kwanza Sul, 95 of which are national, and it has a production capacity of 1.2 million tons of clinker/year. The raw materials used for production (including clay, iron, limestone and sand) are all locally sourced.

The director explained that the current production level of 30% was due to the deceleration in progress of many projects in the territory caused, in large part, by the economic crisis the country has been in since 2014.

The goal with this augment in production, therefore, is to meet the planned increase in demand for cement aiming private and public works, as of next year.

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