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Report: Africa’s rapid urbanization, surging middle-class attracting private equity

Africa is witnessing an increase in private equity investments as investor interest in the continent surges, says a new report released in Nairobi on Tuesday.

The report by Cytonn, a Nairobi-based investment firm, attributed the growth in private equity investment in the continent to rapid urbanization, a resilient and adapting middle-class and increased consumerism.

“There are also attractive valuations in sub-Saharan Africa’s private markets compared to its public markets and as compared to global markets,” said Cytonn.

It added that sub-Saharan Africa is having better economic projections compared to global markets.

“We remain bullish on private equity as an asset class in sub-Saharan Africa. Going forward, the increasing investor interest and stable macro-economic environment will continue to boost deal flow into African markets,” noted the investment firm.

Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana are among countries attracting high private equity investments, according to Cytonn.


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