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Angola Tax Authority introduces new goods control

The General Tax Administration (AGT) Thursday presented a new system for electronic monitoring of goods in road traffic from Angola to border countries (Republic of Congo, Zambia, DRC and Namibia).

The system, which could be launched by January next year, aims to facilitate the control of lorries transporting goods to neighboring countries and to prevent them from having different destinations than those declared.

Control will consist of the attachment of a GPS-enabled electronic device to lorries transporting goods to those destinations.

According to Santos Musamu, director of AGT Customs Services, who spoke on the sidelines of the event, currently the control of goods, for example, those entering the country by land, are still accompanied by the Tax Police, but with this system will no longer be required

“With this system will also avoid expenses (allowance) with the agent of the Tax Police, which accompanies the goods, and risks of the same, because often they travel over the goods.

Trucks in transit with goods will be monitored from the AGT headquarters in Luanda, where the plant will be located and also in other regions that will be able to control in real time the movement from Angola to other border countries.

Santos Mussamu explained that if there is any deviation of the trucks from the indicated routes the system will signal. “This system will facilitate the goods tracking system and make it faster,” he said.

Regarding the date of implementation of the system, the manager said he believes that within two months will be put into operation and that January is an indicative date, which can be changed depending on any occurrence.

He said that at the moment AGT is in the pilot phase of preparation, having already done the first tests in Luanda, from Porto to the terminals.

Source: Angop

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