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Twitter to support Cryptocurrency in Africa

Jack Dorsey, CEO and co-founder of Twitter is attending meetings to discuss the use of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin on payment platforms in Ghana and Nigeria.

The use of Blockchain related technologies has been a major highlight on innovative new banking systems across Africa. This technology makes it possible to sustain banking transactions faster, more transparently and more securely. Bitcoin, one of the first and biggest Cryptocurrency Star, is attracting the interest of investors in these countries.

Atsu Davoh, CEO and Co-Founder of Payment Processing Platform “Bit Sika” caught the eye of Jack Dorsey who now supports the project that is focused on cross-country payments through cryptocurrency and has been public about it through his Twitter account.

Several African countries are developing Its own crypto like the “eZar” from South Africa and as noted in previous articles, the African continent leads the way in innovation through numerous FinTechs across the continent who are proving that the banking system will never be the same again due to the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

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