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Angola opens 17-factory industrial complex

Angola has opened on Saturday a 17-factory industrial complex to produce foodstuffs and other basic items, in a government’s efforts to reduce imports.

President João Lourenço attended the opening ceremony in the province of Benguela, some 540 kilometers south of the capital.

According to the investing company, the industrial complex, which is a private initiative, will be able to supply around one thousand tons of foodstuffs and items which are part of the Angolan family basic basket.

Built at a cost of roughly 600 million dollars, 15 of the 17 factories of the zone will turn out foodstuffs, Samuel Candundo, leading manager of the Leonor Carrinho Group said.

Production will be focused on corn, wheat, sugar cane, soy, beans, rice among other products, supplies that will help reduce having to purchase them abroad.

The complex has corn and wheat mills and factories to process cereals, meat, produce crackers, pastas, condensed milk, vegetable oil, mayonnaise, margarine, soap and fodder.

Source: Prensa Latina

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