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Angola: Luanda Port invests in security and maritime signalling

The Port Company of Luanda has defined the reinforcement of the safety of people and goods and the improvement of maritime signalling as two important projects to be accomplished in 2020.

With the signalling improvement, the Port of Luanda aims to ascertain good navigation of vessels in and around Luanda Bay, Manuel Zangui, Commercial and Information Technology Director, has told Angop.

It is also part of the company’s project, for next year, to streamline the port community system and effect the interlink of the IT system between partners.

These projects, according to the source, who spoke to Angop about the company’s 8th Advisory Council held last Wednesday, are to be implemented immediately as from 2020.

As regards their duration, it will depend on the involvement of partners as well as available financial resources.

Manuel Zangui said that the projects are conclusions drawn from the board and therefore their quantification will require studies and consultation with specialist companies from January 2020.

Held under the motto “Port of Luanda and challenge of modernization'”, the event had also the participation of 84 members of the ports community and they analyzed subject matters such as “Luanda Port Master Plan”, “Luanda Port Emergency and Contingency Plan”, as well as common community constraints and eventual solutions, among others.

The Advisory Council has as its primary objective to analyze issues related to the management and operation of port services, accessibility and port infrastructures, as well as support and participation in defining the general guidelines.

The body is chaired by the Chairman of the Port of Luanda Board of Directors and includes representatives of the Angolan Port Maritime Institute (IMPA), General Tax Administration (AGT), National Freighters Council (CNC), Government of Luanda Province, brokers, importers and exporters, terminal and port operations concessionaires and the Angola Industrial Association (AIA).

Source: Angop

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