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Angola diamond sector with additional revenue of US$34.7M

Angolan diamond sector generated USD 1.2 billion in 2019, representing 10 percent increase from additional USD 34.7 million revenue compared to 2018, said the CEO of diamond firm Endiama.

Taking stock of the activity carried out by the company, Ganga Júnior, said that in 2019, the sector sold 9.1 million carats at an average price of USD 138.58/carat in industry production.

As for 2018, Ganga Júnior put the sales at USD 148.65/carat), adding that there was a decrease of 7 percent in the average price.

The total carats recovered in 2019 (Industrial and Semi-industrial) was of 9.1 million, as result of production by 12 mining companies.

Endiama has carried out operations at the Lunhinga and Uari mines.

The company’s CEO also announced plans to build a vocational training centre in development park of Saurimo Agro-Industry as well as promoting diamond cutting houses.

Source: Angop

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