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Cabo Verde Telecom announce 5G plans for later this year

Cabo Verde Telecom (CVTelecom) already has plans for the implementation of 5G technology later this year, the company’s Chairman of the Board (PCA) José Luís Livramento announced last week.

The official made these statements after signing an agreement and cooperation between CVTelecom and the University of Cabo Verde (Uni-CV), in Praia.

“4G is working well. It’s not me saying that, we have information gathering every day, either through our contact center, or through the complaints we receive from our customers, but also through inquiries we make to our customers. So what they tell us is that we have good coverage,” he said. According to José Luís Livramento, CVTelecom’s 4G coverage “almost reaches 40% of the population”, at a “very strong” speed.

“In terms of ARME specification, there is a minimum requirement of 6 megs, but we are over 10 megs, 15 megs and sometimes up to 20, 30 megs when the load is smaller,” he added. Therefore, CVTelecom’s PCA stressed that this speed “varies with the load”, hence the company will “continue to invest very heavily” in 4G.


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