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A business bridge between Mozambique and Israel

A Mozambique-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CACIMI) has been formed, a business association resulting from exchanges between Mozambican businesspeople and influential players in the Jewish business community both inside and outside Israel.

The CACIMI reinvigorates efforts to reach higher levels in bilateral cooperation between the two countries dating back more than 20 years.

In addition to operating in the technology sector, which already has a highly developed market economy, CACIMI will focus on agriculture, water, energy and health – sectors presenting great challenges for Mozambique.

This CACIMI has the support of both the Mozambican and Israeli governments through various counterpart and investment promotion agencies, including the Israel Export Institute (IEI) and the Federation of the Israeli Chambers of Commerce.

“The availability of opportunities to leverage Mozambican companies and promote the internationalisation of Israeli companies in Mozambique soil made it desirable to create an institution which could make information available through constant contact between parties. The constitution of CACIMI assumes this responsibility for both markets,” new president of the association, Alberto Rui Chiculuveta, said.

For more information, contact: 84 7658563 | 87 9313314 |

Source: CACIMI via Club of Mozambique

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